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Devonian Lithological Database

The Devonian Lithological Database (DLD) contains over 5000 records collected from the geological literature. This work was originally funded by the National Science Foundation grant EAR-9627771. The published version is available via UMI Dissertations. The canonical version of the database is now kept as SQL-compatible text file. Other versions of the database can be generated on request.

Current Work on the Database

  1. Database localities are being rechecked against original publications for more precise coordinates and verification.
  2. The database is being restructured and redesigned for increased flexibility and internal consistency.
  3. Attempting to reacquire copies of original sources.
  4. Development of new in-house editing and verification software
  5. Continued development of software for desktop and mobile to view the data.
  6. Preparations for adding new data underway.

Available Data and Documentation


Sources from A to G

Sources from H to O

Sources from P to Z

PDFs needed

Original Sources Without PDFs

Papers Pending Entry

Pending Papers

Old Version in KML

All data in a single KML file.

Data in multiple KML files by lithology type.

Software Versions

DLD for iOS®

Documentation for Original Version

Lithology Codes

Age Reliability Codes

How to contribute

We are making plans to start adding to the Devonian database. However, we recognize that everyone is busy and are unlikely to submit their own data in our formats. Instead, please contribute data by passing along PDFs of publications containing Devonian rock (particularly in areas where the database is weak).

To submit a PDF, click here